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Conor Bateman's ★½ review of The Immigrant (2013)

The Immigrant got an absolute rave review from one of my co-editors at 4:3 (it’s a well-written piece too and worth looking at, especially if you loved the film) and so I went in knowing that it could be a contender for one of the year’s best.

Turns out I had a totally unpleasant viewing experience, the film felt so forced and false to me, as if the entire narrative was stuck on rails, and I ended up feeling like it was one of the worst things I had seen all year. Because this view was so completely out of step with almost all critical opinion, I sat down and wrote up what started as a messy collection of thoughts and morphed into a 2400-word “review” of the film. After all that, I still can’t bring myself to even slightly like The Immigrant.

Jumping Filmmakers photographed by Alex Majoli 

Gus Van Sant, Wim Winders, Aki Kaurismaki

Wong Kar Wai, Tsai Ming-Liang, Takeshi Kitano

Tim Burton, Manoel de Oliviera, Olivier Assayas

Ken Loach, David Cronenberg, Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu

Cristian Mungiu, The Dardenne Brothers, Theodoros Angelopoulos

Pedro Almodovar, Souleymane Cisse & Quentin Tarantino 

(Source: andreii-tarkovsky)


Blue Ruin (2013, Jeremy Saulnier, dir.)

This is a really solid movie. I reviewed it a few months back. You should see it - now on Netflix.

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Track: とべない沈黙
Artist: Teizo Matsumura
Album: Silence Has No Wings


とべない沈黙 [Silence Has No Wings] (1966) - Kazuo Kuroki

Silence Has No Wings

I wrote this piece on the visually impressive Silence Has No Wings (とべない沈黙) for 4:3.


A short film about movies that played before the 2002 Academy Awards by documentary filmmaker Errol Morris.

On MetaFilter, user Going To Maine compiled a list of thirty Errol Morris documentaries, TV episodes, short subjects and two movies about documentary legend, all of which can be streamed on YouTube, along with some short descriptions of their content.

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Silence Has No Wings (とべない沈黙) - dir. Kazuo Kuroki, 1966


Manuscripts Don't Burn

Slow-moving but intense Iranian film about censorship and wilful ignorance, definitely worth a watch.


I did not particularly like this one.